5 Ways to Win the Millennial Vote through Humor

  1. Avoid political hack. Save the joke writers for AARP night. You can’t force funny with young voters. Millennials want a candidate with a genuine sense of humor. Note: unintentional comedy doesn’t count. Two words: Clint Eastwood.

  2. Keep foot out of mouth. Don’t make light of serious issues, as fun as that is. As much as Millennials love a good laugh, they are fiercely compassionate. They want candidates with solutions, not wisecracks.

  3. Take a joke. It’s ok for a candidate to make fun of himself. Humor humanizes, and a well-timed joke at one’s own expense shows personality and self-awareness. Just don’t make fun of your opponent, that’s the job of professional comedians

  4. Be sharp and smart. An intelligent sense of humor allows you to demonstrate cool confidence without arrogance. More than any other generation, Millennials like a little insight with their humor.

  5. Stay up late. Do an interview with a respected late night comedian. They’re a great way to connect with the electorate. Not only will you have a professional host to keep things from stalling, but you’ll be allowed to lighten up. No one is expecting you to be in Oval Office mode while you’re on the couch next to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Bieber.

To view Comedy Central’s “Millennials and the 2012 Election” research release, click HERE

Steve Albani

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